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Handwash Stations

Safeguarding Hygiene and Comfort

Do you remember when your parents taught you to wash your hands? As adults, those important lessons should stay with us. Handwashing stations from The Potty House will ensure hygienic and sanitary conditions for you and your guests. These stand-alone washbasins can accommodate up to two people and offer great flexibility.
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Moreover, they provide patrons with convenient, easy-to-use features. The units are activated by foot pedals for sanitary, hands-free operation. Your guests will appreciate your attention to detail when you provide professional facilities. Help them stay germ-free with our affordable handwashing stations.

Features That Keep Your Guests Healthy and Happy

Running Water

Our handwashing stations come equipped with their own running water that is independent from external water sources.

Large Soap Dispensers

Soap is often used liberally, and that can be a good thing. It is helpful, therefore, to have a sufficient supply available. Our large dispensers contain up to 30 fluid ounces each.

Splash-Resistant Sink

Ever seen a sink after a big event? They may appear splotchy and accumulate grime. Our handwashing stations offer splash-resistant sinks to prolong cleanliness and appearance.

 21-Gallon Fresh Water Tank Capacity

It’s important to keep track of how much fresh water you’re using. Each station’s fresh water tank has visual water level indicators. It allows for 1,408 pumps of water at 2 ounces per pump. You’ll be able to easily track how much water is left. These stations also come equipped with a large wastebasket.

Guaranteed 100%

Just like our portable restrooms, we stand by the high quality of our handwashing stations. It is important to us that your guests remain comfortable and healthy. These handwashing stations are easy to use and easy to delivery. The Potty House will always put our clients first. If you have any questions regarding our services, give our team a call.
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