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Portable Restroom Trailers near Fort Smith, AR

The Comfort Elite ADA Series is Specifically Designed to Accommodate the Unique Needs of Disabled Users

Comfort Elite ADA units are not just ADA accessible, but ADA-compliant in all 50 states, meeting or exceeding the permanent structure criteria as specified by the American Disabilities Act — That’s a big difference!
The entire trailer smoothly and quietly lowers to the ground, making long and cumbersome ramps obsolete. This amazing engineering feat is accomplished by an exclusive and proprietary one-touch hydraulic trailer lowering system.
One of our portable restroom trailers Fort Smith, AR


  • High-clearance pre-formed sink (ADA-compliant)
  • Self-closing faucet with front-push operation
  • Soap dispenser
  • Shatter-proof mirror
  • Ceramic china bowl toilet with wall-mounted, push-button flush (ADA-compliant)
  • Waste water evacuation pump with built-in macerator
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Waste basket
  • Smooth, mar-resistant and laminated interior walls
  • 1-piece, non-skid rubber floor (replaceable)
  • 1-piece ceiling with built-in air supply & air return
  • Roof-mounted, low-profile, ducted A/C
  • 36” width entry door (exceeds ADA requirements)
  • Interior turning radius and exterior landing turning radius exceeds ADA requirements
  • Hand rails and grab bars are 11/4” stainless steel (ADA-compliant)
Inside view of a portable toilet

floor plan

Comfort Elite II

The Comfort Elite Series 2-Station Portable Restrooms Trailer includes one women’s restroom and one men’s restroom suite, complete with full-flush toilets and a water-saving, china urinal. This 2-station trailer is fully equipped with an attractive interior design complete with granite-like countertops, full-flush china toilets, large shatter-proof vanity mirror and ambient, energy-saving interior lighting. This well-equipped restroom trailer has been upgraded with solid-surface countertops, soap, toilet tissue, and paper towel dispensers. Waste baskets are also included.
This is a quality, American-made Comfort Series 2-station restroom trailer.
The 12 ft. restroom trailer is climate controlled with a large, roof mounted air conditioner with heat strips. The exterior LED “Occupancy Lighting” alerts guests to the availability of each suite. This trailer comes with two fold-up stairs (one for each access door) with two low-clearance steps, slip resistant platforms and double handrails for easy accessibility. This unit comes complete with a large 125-gallon fresh water holding tank with city water (garden hose connection) fill, while its large 370-gallon black water waste tank accommodates your needs up to approximately 900 uses, including hand wash!
Full Heat/Standard A/C Year Round Package Rate to 30 Degrees Fahrenheit! 
This well-designed, compact restroom trailer requires one dedicated 120 volt, 50 amps electrical connection and one garden hose faucet with adequate water pressure.

Portable toilet diagram
Portable restrooms exterior view
Exterior View

Portable restrooms interior view
Interior View
Portable restrooms interior view
Interior View

Comfort Elite III

The Comfort Elite III Restroom trailer is great for smaller gatherings. It has three restrooms and a large 430-gallon holding tank (1300+ flushes). It's perfect for weddings, golf outings, corporate functions and other upscale special events; even the most discriminating guest will find the accommodations “up to par”. This unit has separate entrances for each restroom (two Women's and one Men's entrance) so you are assured privacy. The interiors are spacious and well appointed.

Portable restroom diagram
Portable restrooms exterior view
Exterior View

Elite Trailer Features

Firm Specializes In Keeping Crowds Comfortable

(From an Article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)
Sunday, July 27, 2003
By Cynthia Lee
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Outside trailer

Elite Restroom Services and Facilities

An elegant outdoor wedding, a family reunion picnic or company cookout might offer good food, good company and good seating for large gatherings of people, but the toilet facilities often are inadequate.
Porta-potties are familiar, functional and necessary adjuncts to a wide range of group gatherings. However, many people shudder at the prospect of entering a facility that is small, often smelly and lacking the amenities they are accustomed to in bathrooms at home and in businesses.
Fayetteville-based Elite Restroom Services & Facilities is a new Northwest Arkansas business that believes it has the solution — a posh portable restroom that makes porta-potties look primitive by comparison.
A new division of The Potty House (which was established in 2000 to rent porta-potties), Elite Restroom Services rent out elite mobile units that provides luxury levels of comfort and relief.

The elite toilet trailers contain men's and women's restrooms with separate entrances.
The toilets are ceramic and they flush. There are sinks, running water, soap, towels and air conditioning. The unit does require an electrical outlet or water supply. We can transport the trailers almost anywhere.
The Potty House and Elite Restroom Services, says that "as far as I know, we are the only ones in this region, possibly even the whole state, offering this kind of service. This is really leading-edge toilet technology. It's just starting to catch on. We can take the trailer almost anywhere."
This Elite toilet trailer can accommodate 105 women and 245 men per hour for eight hours before having to be serviced (i.e., pumped out). Rental fees vary, depending on the amount of time rented, the size of the gathering and the need for service-staff support.
Owner: Ross Odom
Type of business: Restroom rental
Products/services: Mobile restroom trailer for special events, parties, weddings and family reunions
floor plan


Private individual restroom stalls
China flushing toilets and urinals
Separate entrances
Connects directly to a fresh water hook-up
Services 105 women and 245 men per hour
Extra large 750 gallon holding tank for very large crowds

Portable Mobile Shower Trailer

We can transport this trailer to any stable site.
The unit has 12 individual private showers with hot and cold running water. It can be used for disaster or emergency situations, parties, concerts, camping and hiking, sporting events, special events, conferences, sales events, cookouts, reunions and outdoor events.
Head shower unit

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